Ford Focus test mode

The Ford Focus Mk 1 has a very convenient test mode accessible from the dashboard.

Entering and leaving the mode

This will reset your trip meter!

To access the test mode:

  1. Start with the car off.
  2. Hold the trip reset button down.
  3. Turn the key to the "on" position (not necessarily starting the engine).
  4. Let go when test appears on the odometer.

To exit, turn the key to the "off" position.

Available diagnostics

There seem to be some differences (likely between regions and years), so this table might not exactly match your experience.

It automatically starts in the first diagnostic. Switch to the next one by pressing the trip reset button. After the end, it loops around to the beginning.

# Display Name Notes
0 GAGE Gauge sweep
1 888.8 LCD test All odometer segments light up.
2 bulb Bulb test All ECU-controlled bulbs light up.
3 r NN Instrument cluster ROM revision Hex value.
4 ENNN Instrument cluster NVM revision Hex value.
5 dtc Diagnostic trouble codes Flashes NONE if there are none; otherwise they will be shown (hex) when the button is pressed.
6 NNN.N Road speed Miles per hour.
7 NNN.N Road speed Kilometers per hour.
8 NNN.o
9 NNNN Engine RPM Decimal value.
10 NNN.t Engine RPM Hex value.
11 FNNN Fuel volume
12 LNNN Fuel volume Stabilized and normalized (0 to 255).
13 NNN.F
14 NNNC Engine coolant temperature Decimal value.
15 NNN.C Engine coolant temperature Hex value.
16 bNN.N Battery voltage
17 Ab-X ABS H on error; L otherwise.
18 Eb-X EBD H on error; L otherwise.
19 IL-X Instrument cluster illumination L is off; H is on.
20 Cr-X Crank L when starting engine; H otherwise.
21 A-NN
22 b-NN
23 C-NN
24 d-NN
25 0NNN
26 1NNN
27 2NNN
28 3NNN
29 4NNN
30 5NNN
31 6NNN
32 7NNN
33 P1NN
34 P2NN
35 P3NN
36 P4NN